16 April 2019

Welcome to the Firemark Ventures Newsletter

IAG Firemark Ventures is IAG’s corporate venture capital company. 

We invest in early growth phase companies that have the capacity to materially change the way we do insurance. 

Our focus is on movement, image, voice and artificial intelligence.

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Voice Analytics

Voice User Interfaces (VUI) 

The way we frame our thoughts, the way we culturally communicate, the way we use slang and infer meaning… all of these nuances influence the interpretation and comprehensibility of our words. So, how are designers and engineers tackling this challenge? How can we cultivate trust between user and AI? This is where VUIs come into play...

The New Skeuomorphism is in Your Voice Assistant

A skeuomorphic button looks like a physical switch, a skeuomorphic canvas can have a wood texture. Killing skeuomorphism made us feel very smart about ourselves. We finally don’t need glossy buttons to understand something is tappable...

Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and the Command of Women’s Voices

The gender of assistants’ voices affects how we speak to them. USC sociology professor Safiya Umoja Noble tells me that virtual assistants have produced a “rise of command-based speech at women’s voices. This is a powerful socialization tool that teaches us about the role of women, girls, and people who are gendered female to respond on demand”...

Does the Banking Industry Need Digital Voice Assistants?

Imagine being informed of next big step you need to take to make your finance management even better, can you? Also, have you ever thought that you will be presented with an intelligent conversation where all your questions are answered before you utter anything? Now you can...

The Rise of Audio & Voice

Podcasting and the rise of Alexa voice is here today. For the past 24–36 months, brands and individuals alike have gotten serious about audio. The problem is, there still isn’t a lot of great original content to consume which leaves a massive opportunity for those who can produce on another level...

How Discord Handles Two and Half Million Concurrent Voice Users using WebRTC

Routing all your network traffic through Discord servers also ensures that your IP address is never leaked whether you use text, voice, or video — preventing anyone from finding out your IP address and launching a DDoS attack against you. Routing audio/video through media servers offers other advantages as well, such as moderation...

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